Sunday, May 20, 2007

Data Diagrams

I'm feeling a small wave of confidence come over me after understanding something about migrations and how to work with multiple tables. I'm sure it will pass soon. (Note: wave of confidence passed before this entry was finished....) Here's my preliminary idea for the data structure.

  • name
  • has_many: Modules
  • language_id
  • name
  • level
  • number
  • has_many : Pages
  • module_id
  • number
  • has_many: Units
  • page_id
  • transcription
  • speech_url
  • image_url
I think I'm also going to need tables for the images and the sound files. These will probably have to be more complicated later to allow for searches, but for now...

  • transcription # these are repeated from Unit because they don't store the same thing
  • sound_url # someone might want different text (eg, two different writing systems)
  • image_url

Whew. I'm a little concerned about how I structured the main data, but I wanted to leave it as open as possible to make recoding easier later. This also seams to fall into the agile philosophy.

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